The Shield Enforcers album coming soon…

Thrice Great Records artist The American Poets 2099 proudly present the debut album from the Shield Enforcers, entitled Crash Course. The Shield Enforcers are: Orange County Californina artist Pro The Leader (American Poets 2099) in collaboration with Masta Of Ceremoniez, hailing from Albuquerque New Mexico. Legendary Producer Skarekrow (Holocaust/Warcloud) produced the entire project, giving it an authentic “West Coast Killa Beez” flavor from start to finish. This one promises to be a top underground Hip-Hop album of 2017, kicking off Thrice Great Records’ (Chambermusik) effort to focus more on artist development, and bringing forth new and quality Hip-Hop art projects. Featured here are veterans such as Chino XL, Casual (Hieroglyphics), Tash (Tha Alkaholiks), Craig G (Juice Crew), North Star, The Black Knights and American Poets 2099 members Holocaust, Nova-Kane, Ace Gauntlit as well the “Mysterious” Crew out of the UK.
Release date 2-3-17.

The Shield Enforcers featuring Chino-Xl & Holocaust – Mickey Rourke (official video)


American Poets 2099 presents…. The second single from the debut album Crash Course from the Shield Enforcers entitled Mickey Rourke. The Shield Enforcers are Orange County,CA. native Pro The Leader and Masta of Ceremoniez hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. They enlist established Hip Hop legends Chino XL and Holocaust with the track being produced by longtime Westcoast Killah Beez producer Skarekrow. The single is also accompanied by a video created by BamSukkaTv’s very own Bob Daff. The full length album will be ready to drop in January 2017 via Know the Names Music Group/ Thrice Great Records so be on the lookout for pure Hip Hop.

NO FLY ZONE is here

This is the first single off of the NEW American Poets 2099 presents: Murderous Poetry 2 album.

Celebrating 2099s musical independence & continuing with their DIY approach, they have enlisted a DR. G provided beat along with the original HipHop Teacha himself KRS-One to take listeners to a No Fly Zone. The Shield Enforcers & Jus-P drop more lessons along this lyrical expedition while Nova-Kane chimes in to let the rules be known to just what it takes to take flight in these underground skies. Buckle up throw your hands up & enter the No Fly Zone.


Holocaust (Warcloud) & Pro The Leader Ft. Nova-Kane & Masta of Ceremoniez “Going The Distance”

New video here from the Armor of God album Holocaust & Pro have been working on the last few years. No said date as far as release just yet, but this 2nd single is something to look forward to. Following the dope Armor of God track released a few years ago, both videos done by long time 2099 videographer Bob Daff. Nova-Kane & Masta of Ceremoniez splash some memorable verses on this track, enjoy the video. Produced by MYST brotha Excalibur. Lots more 2099 coming this year. Be on the look out & be sure to #tag us on instagram #americanpoets2099


2nd Update: More & More!!! Holocaust Feat: Pro The Leader: Back at Pro’s Lab coming 8-28-15


This is how it all started. Holocaust & Pro are Back at Pro’s Lab. Remastered & unreleased tracks from Holocaust & Pro from the early years. Album will be in stores 8-28-15 via Chamber Musik make sure you grab a copy & support Know The Names fam… FREE THE HOLOCAUST!!!

Update: Album up for pre-order now @ UGGH.COM

2nd Update: First exclusive track from Holocaust & Pro’s album: Back at Pro’s Lab- Welcome To Alcatraz… Holocaust welcomes you to Alcatraz on one of his solo joints, check it out.

World Premiere – The Shield Enforcers: Exemplary (Official Video)

American Poets 2099 Present The Shield Enforcers & their first video Exemplary. The group consists of Pro The Leader & Masta of Ceremoniez, track & album produced by Skarekrow & the video was shot & edited by 2099 videographer Bob Daff for BamSukkaTV. Your set on a Crash Course to Know The Names: The Shield Enforcers hoist that 2099 Shield high & keep the American Poets legacy alive.


American Poets 2099 Presents: The Shield Enforcers – Video coming July 4th


Pro The Leader (American Poets 2099) & Masta of Ceremoniez (Dezert Banditz) are: The Shield Enforcers. Exemplary is the first video release for the group Directed by Bob Daff for Bam Sukka TV dropping on July 4th. The single is produced by Skarekrow along with the rest of their album Crash Course that should be coming out soon. Be on the look out album features 2099 fam & some well known heavy hitters.

Until then check out Masta of Ceremoniez on this new track featuring Pacewon & Chox Mak produced by Dr G

Pro The Leader – Aspirational Regret Album Promo

Keeping the 2099/Know The Names family moving, Pro The Leader drops this promo video for his upcoming solo album Aspirational Regret. With never before seen studio footage featuring Killah Priest, Casual, Ras Kass, Skarekrow, C-Rayz Walz & more. This album is sure to hit hard be on the look out.

Check out the videos Pro dropped so far for this album!

Check out Pro’s YouTube page for other videos & you can purchase these singles on his BandCamp page.

Update: 2099/ GZA show 2-25-15

Pro The Leader & Masta of Ceremoniez, AKA The Shield Enforcers, rocked the GZA show on 2-25-15 with Bootface, Nova-Kane & Wu Tangs Black Knights. Update: Here is the video put together by BamSukka TV.

gza propro priestmoc kane2099 monk3mfsgzagza ticket
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American Poets 2099 in: Pro’s Laboratory 3


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The American Poets 2099 return with their follow up to 2010’s Intro & selftitled album American Poets 2099. American Poets 2099 in: Pros Lab 3 is the latest offering from Holocaust, Pro The Leader, Nova-Kane, Atlantis Scrolls along with long time family members Ace Gauntlit, Bootface & CRayz Walz. Their Combined Forces brings new insight to what the future really sounds like. The Poets keep the guests to a minimum enlisting heavy weights Killah Priest, Canibus & P.R. Terrorist of Killarmy to maneuver through today’s Rap Catacombs, even Solomon Childs & Bomshot make appearances in the War Zone of 2099. This Lab Trilogy Excursions melodies were produced by Prime Music along with St. Louis to bring a hard core harmonic convergence to light. Opportunity Awaits the Poets as they Go Harder than ever before. These Super Villains raps leave Cold Cuts to The Bone & Break Beats while teaching Laboratory Eloquence. Its like a Frankenstein Factory how these lyrical scientists cook up Lab Poetry that even a Killamobb couldn’t stop. Enter Pros Lab 3 at your own risk & be prepared for this Mad Confrontational album that will strike the right cords with true Hip Hop enthusiasts.

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American Poets 2099 vs. Mysterious – The World of Tomorrow 2
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American Poets 2099 vs. Mysterious – The World of Tomorrow
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American Poets 2099 – Murderous Poetry
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Pro The Leader & Dopestyle In The Hip Hop Depression
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American Poets 2099 – American Poets 2099
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Holocaust & American Poets 2099 – Theatre of Pain
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American Poets 2099 Present: Pro The Leader & Nova-Kane – Know The Names
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Warcloud – Nightmares Resurface