MP3: Murderous Poetry 3 9-11-20

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Boomerang Feat: Lone Ninja & Salute The Masta W/ Kinetic 9

Masta Of Ceremoniez (AP 2099) & Kinetic 9 (Beretta 9/ Killarmy) Split an Excalibur laced beat entitled “Salute Me”. This is not the first time the American Poets team has spared with Wu Tang’s Killarmy, but is the most recent. Check the song out here & holler @ MOC on his Instagram anytime. Also check out his track with Twin Peril’s Lone Ninja…

Pro The Leader Aspirational Regret

Pro’s New solo album features Casual of Heiroglyphics, Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Crisis, C-Rayz Walz & more. Album produced by the legendary Skarekrow & released via BlackStone of Mecca as a CD by it’s self or as a bundle with a limited release All Pro album (edition of 20) here is the LINK to purchase the albums.

The album features these classic tracks & more

Armor Of God & Nightmares Resurface

If you have noticed the album Pro The Leader & Holocaust worked on has finally come to see the light of day. Know The Names Music Group & Black Stone Of Mecca proudly present Armor of God 15 tracks with Holocaust & Pro exchanging killer rhymes together. This album features the regular 2099 cast & includes Chino Xl, Dom Pachino, Crisis from the Black Knights & more. Get your copies while they still last (limited pressings)

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Once again Holocaust aka Warcloud’s Nightmares Resurface, resurfaces. 2 new tracks added to the already classic album that was released back in 2007. Hurry & get your copies of this album.

Remastered & Updated classic KnowTheNames release (Vinyl SOLD OUT) BlackStoneofMecca

Murderous Poetry Part 2 Out Now!!!

You can still order from the Pre-Order page to get your physical copies now from The Poets or you can hit CDBABY & get that digital download, other digital sites are on the way.

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No Question – American Poets 2099 Feat: Masta Of Ceremoniez Produced By: Snowgoons

No Question is the latest single from American Poets 2099 presents Murderous Poetry Part 2. None other than the Snowgoons who are known for working dominantly with their inner circle, lend a hand to the Poets (Pro The Leader & Nova-Kane) & Masta Of Ceremoniez to let them exercise their verbal gymnastics over a knocking beat. Likewise LDontheCut blends his turntable supremacy with his longtime poetic counterparts. The visual work again comes from a life long collaborator BADFAME & all put together show that there is NO QUESTION that the 2099 squad is a team not to be messed with.

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Official Release date is – 5-11-18

American Poets 2099 Featuring Masta Of Ceremoniez: No Question
Produced By: Snowgoons
Scratches By: LDontheCut
Directed By: BADFAME

The Shield Enforcers- Who Run It – Featuring: Inspectah Deck, M-Eighty & Sac One

The Shield Enforcers are at it again with their newest single “Who Run It” taken from The American Poets 2099 Presents Murderous Poetry Part 2. This track is a guaranteed banger and features Wu Tang Clan General Inspectah Deck who still proves he can bring da ruckus and also boasts features from Almighty’s own M-Eighty and Sac One accompanied by stellar production by none other than the one and only Skarekrow. In this modern era of Hip hop with most songs being created via the internet The Shield Enforcers combat those practices on “Who Run It” by collaborating in the studio with all the artists to give shape and form an authentic vibe which can only take place when working in the studio together. Original artwork is provided by Gary Alford with graphics by Jesse Scherr. If you would like to view the full track list and purchase Murderous Poetry Part 2 you can visit

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In the not so distant future of 2099, The American Poets along with their long time cohorts Holocaust, C-Rayz Walz, Masta Of Ceremoniez & Mysterious are basically dead men walking. The music world has been buried underground & covered in flames. Murderous poetry will scratch & claw it’s way from cracks in the streets & infiltrate the hearts of all men. Inspectah Deck, KRS-One, Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi & Solomon Childs join forces to help balance the hostility running rampant in a world gone mad & strike a cord that can once again bring life back to HipHop with the most bone scrappingest album since Pro’s Lab 3.

Track List:

1. No Fly Zone-The Shield Enforcers feat Krs-One, Nova-Kane and Jus-P Produced by Dr. G

2. Farewell Fortress-Mysterous Produced by Excalibur

3. No Question-American Poets 2099 feat Masta Of Ceremoniez Produced by Snowgoons Scratches by LDontheCut

4. Cyborg Ninjas (Remix)-Holocaust, Pro The Leader and Lone Ninja Produced by Anthai

5. The Culmination-Pro The Leader Produced by LDontheCut Scratches by LDontheCut

6. Who Run It-The Shield Enforcers feat Inspectah Deck of The Wu-TANG Clan,M-Eighty and Sac One Produced by SkareKrow

7. Stuck In The Middle- Nova-Kane,Restless,Weapon-X and Ace Gauntlit Produced by St. Louis

8. Savage Sanctuary-Pro The Leader feat Killah Priest,Nova-Kane and C-Rayz Walz Produced by SkareKrow

9. Swift Illusion 7 (Colored Rain)-American Poets 2099 Produced by Crucial The Guillotine

10. Verbal Combat-Masta Of Ceremoniez,Excalibur and Solomon Childs Produced by Excalibur

11. Love Thy- Weapon-X,Nova-Kane,Omega Red and Holocaust Produced by Excalibur

12. Cold Shoulders-Solomon Childs,Restless,Nova-Kane and C-Rayz Walz Produced By Ace Gauntlit Additional Production St. Louis

13. Cosmic Masters-Mysterious feat Pro The Leader Produced By Excalibur Additional Production by St. Louis 14. Memoirs-Bootface,Anti The Decimator and Pro The Leader Produced by Lisn

15. Soldiers Of Time-Thieves Of Allways feat Tragedy Khadafi,Pro The Leader,Masta Of Ceremoniez and C-Rayz Walz Produced by Ace Gauntlit Additional Production by St. Louis

16. Swift Illusion 8(Infinity)-Semantix The Sorcera,Pro The Leader,White Lotus,Nova-Kane,Holocaust,Excalibur,Gneticz and Masta Of Ceremoniez Produced by Excalibur

The Masta has arrived!!! Masta Of Ceremoniez – Who’s The Masta

The new single from New Mexico Shield Enforcer Masta of Ceremoniez has finally been dropped, with a knockin beat produced by Dr. G (producer of No Fly Zone with KRS-One & more). The Masta is here to let everyone know Who’s The Masta. This guy never sleeps & has been working on so much music, us here @ 2099 headquarters are proud to present you with his new video, share this on your social media sites & show love to the 2099 family!!!

Double video drop from The Shield Enforcers!

2 videos, on the same day, from the same group. The Shield Enforcers drop their video’s to Prove It & Spreading International that features Excalibur & Jus-P, both tracks produced by the mighty Skarekrow & both videos done by Bob Daff for BamSukka TV. Check the videos out, share them & get the album dropping on 2-3-17. Links to purchase the album are in video descriptions.

Spreading International

Prove It

Also Chamber Musik conducted an interview with 2099’s Enforcers of the Shield, check it out.
Click for Interview Link

The Shield Enforcers Feat: Casual (of Hieroglyphics) – Hold Me (Single)

Once Again Thrice Great brings you the 3rd Single Hold Me from the Debut album from The Shield Enforcers Entitled Crash Course. This single is a concept song produced by Skarekrow Featuring Casual from Hieroglyphics where each Emcee gives their perspective of what a Microphone means to them. When the hook comes in you might feel compelled to sing right along with this ultra Hip Hop banger. Don’t sleep on 2099 as The Shield Enforcers continue to step it up with each effort out.

Hold Me-1

Single Link Cligity Click Here!!

The Shield Enforcers album coming soon…

Thrice Great Records artist The American Poets 2099 proudly present the debut album from the Shield Enforcers, entitled Crash Course. The Shield Enforcers are: Orange County Californina artist Pro The Leader (American Poets 2099) in collaboration with Masta Of Ceremoniez, hailing from Albuquerque New Mexico. Legendary Producer Skarekrow (Holocaust/Warcloud) produced the entire project, giving it an authentic “West Coast Killa Beez” flavor from start to finish. This one promises to be a top underground Hip-Hop album of 2017, kicking off Thrice Great Records’ (Chambermusik) effort to focus more on artist development, and bringing forth new and quality Hip-Hop art projects. Featured here are veterans such as Chino XL, Casual (Hieroglyphics), Tash (Tha Alkaholiks), Craig G (Juice Crew), North Star, The Black Knights and American Poets 2099 members Holocaust, Nova-Kane, Ace Gauntlit as well the “Mysterious” Crew out of the UK.
Release date 2-3-17.