Pre-Order American Poets 2099: Murderous Poetry 2


In the not so distant future of 2099, The American Poets along with their long time cohorts Holocaust, C-Rayz Walz, Masta Of Ceremoniez & Mysterious are basically dead men walking. The music world has been buried underground & covered in flames. Murderous poetry will scratch & claw it’s way from cracks in the streets & infiltrate the hearts of all men. Inspectah Deck, KRS-One, Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi & Solomon Childs join forces to help balance the hostility running rampant in a world gone mad & strike a cord that can once again bring life back to HipHop with the most bone scrappingest album since Pro’s Lab 3.

Track List:

1. No Fly Zone-The Shield Enforcers feat Krs-One, Nova-Kane and Jus-P Produced by Dr. G

2. Farewell Fortress-Mysterous Produced by Excalibur

3. No Question-American Poets 2099 feat Masta Of Ceremoniez Produced by Snowgoons Scratches by LDontheCut

4. Cyborg Ninjas (Remix)-Holocaust, Pro The Leader and Lone Ninja Produced by Anthai

5. The Culmination-Pro The Leader Produced by LDontheCut Scratches by LDontheCut

6. Who Run It-The Shield Enforcers feat Inspectah Deck of The Wu-TANG Clan,M-Eighty and Sac One Produced by SkareKrow

7. Stuck In The Middle- Nova-Kane,Restless,Weapon-X and Ace Gauntlit Produced by St. Louis

8. Savage Sanctuary-Pro The Leader feat Killah Priest,Nova-Kane and C-Rayz Walz Produced by SkareKrow

9. Swift Illusion 7 (Colored Rain)-American Poets 2099 Produced by Crucial The Guillotine

10. Verbal Combat-Masta Of Ceremoniez,Excalibur and Solomon Childs Produced by Excalibur

11. Love Thy- Weapon-X,Nova-Kane,Omega Red and Holocaust Produced by Excalibur

12. Cold Shoulders-Solomon Childs,Restless,Nova-Kane and C-Rayz Walz Produced By Ace Gauntlit Additional Production St. Louis

13. Cosmic Masters-Mysterious feat Pro The Leader Produced By Excalibur Additional Production by St. Louis 14. Memoirs-Bootface,Anti The Decimator and Pro The Leader Produced by Lisn

15. Soldiers Of Time-Thieves Of Allways feat Tragedy Khadafi,Pro The Leader,Masta Of Ceremoniez and C-Rayz Walz Produced by Ace Gauntlit Additional Production by St. Louis

16. Swift Illusion 8(Infinity)-Semantix The Sorcera,Pro The Leader,White Lotus,Nova-Kane,Holocaust,Excalibur,Gneticz and Masta Of Ceremoniez Produced by Excalibur